If anyone ever had any doubt about the credentials of Brendan Rodgers as the leader of our club, then the gaffer yesterday answered those doubters with a proper statement.

Not a statement manufactured by a bitter PR man or a seething club official.

No, this was a statement from a manager defending his club, his players and his fellow supporters in response to the ludicrous mud slinging from both the SMSM and Motherwell this last week.

I’ve posted it below, read it and you’ll see the honesty and professional integrity of our leader. Brendan Rodgers.

“This week, there was a debate about the honesty and professionalism of the Celtic players, and questions asked about the supporters. This is not a debate. These are players who have got to this level of 67 games unbeaten because of their professionalism and their honesty. in how they work and how they devote their life to their profession and. along with the supporters, they have been absolutely brilliant.

“I understand Motherwell were probably hurt after the game on Sunday and that probably spills into Wednesday, but some of the nonsense that came out of there this week was absolutely incredible. I just want to make the point on behalf of the players and the supporters of this club, and the humility they have shown.

“After the game on Wednesday, we have a chief executive of Motherwell, a guy in senior authority, walking around with a laptop trying to show and demonstrate to the media that it wasn’t a penalty.

“He was also in the media room, trying to show members of the media that it wasn’t a penalty and then tweets later on that evening, talking about retaining class and dignity. That’s not behaviour that defines and fits that.

“For us, Motherwell have been three really good games. I have nothing with the manager as Stevie is a great guy and done brilliantly with his team. and all the games were competitive in different ways. But for senior members of the club to do that, I find very disappointing.

“Three good games, three tough games and I respect the emotions of them, but we have done our talking on the football field, and that’s where it should take place.

“Nothing should be written against our supporters and players about honesty. These guys have this record because of their honesty, because of how hard they work, because they never have a lazy day, because every time they play home and away, they are up for every game and not doing daft or lazy things. Their professionalism has been exemplary.

“The two officials involved have been questioned. Craig Thomson, he was there – OK, it was a bit soft but it was a foul. On Wednesday night, it was a bit soft but the motion of the player, he puts his hands on the player, and Willie Collum was there, so there is support for the two officials as well as they have got hammered for giving penalties – they were soft penalties, but they were penalties. It’s done, three games are done and we move on.”