In the last week there has been quite a bit of mud slinging in football circles.

From the SPFL/SFA, to Celtic Football Club, to the Green Brigade, each one acting like they know better than the other.

Unfortunately, all of them are forgetting they have responsibilities, to you and me as fans and customers. Now you may be thinking what responsibility do the Green Brigade have to us?

Well, enjoying the fantastic experience they create at Celtic Park includes not putting fellow fans in danger, that means no pyrotechnics. It’s against the law.

However, in their statement at the weekend, they don’t want to accept they’re doing anything wrong. Pity.

But they’re not alone.

Celtic’s decision to ban 900 season ticket holders for two games at Celtic Park, with a knock on effect of three away games, is simply outrageous. Sure there has to be punishment for endangering fellow fans at the Hearts game, and possible sanctions for the banners, but 900 fans, when there’s clearly not that many in the Green Brigade.

And fair enough, uphold the ban on those responsible, but make it for Celtic Park. Not games away from home.

Now I don’t know if there’s been any dialogue prior to the ban, but involving fans who are innocent clearly isn’t a good way to treat your customers.

Which leads me nicely on to the SFA/SPFL.

A statement from the SPFL at the end of last week as to whether there would be further investigation to the cheating that ensued during the EBT years, is a basically a sham.

The highest court in the land, the Supreme Court deemed the use of EBT’s unlawful. Rangers (IL) admitted guilt in using DOS (Discounted Option Scheme), but the SPL at the time decided NOT to include their use in the LNS inquiry.

A narrative of ‘time to move on’ from certain quarters in the game, is tantamount to condoning cheating. While the same people who would like us to accept their view, and expect us to continue to put money into a corrupt game, were the first to point the finger at cheats in other sports.

Treating your customers like fools comes with consequences.

The fans, who are the life and blood of the game will decide what happens with the cheating years. If it take a Judicial Review, then so be it. We will not sit back and let the conflicted people who run our game dictate the conditions of competition.

Remember ‘No To Newco?’