It must be something in the Scottish mentality that forces us to criticise success. Especially in public.

Celtic are on the verge of smashing yet another record this Sunday, by going through the whole domestic season unbeaten in the league, yet the SMSM manage to track down a bitter ex-Rangers (IL)* manager to tell us it’s an embarrassment.

What Celtic have achieved over the last 129 years has been through hard graft, and good management, on and off the park.

Our trophy haul is unsurpassed in terms of winning championships and cups, all won playing by the rules. Something Alex McLeish, EBT recipient, or tax cheat to put it bluntly, can’t say.

McLeish, just like his ‘Real Rangers Men’ cronies of McCoist, Smith and Co, he chose to cheat the tax man and the rest of the same Scottish Football he professes to love so much. They did more damage to our game than anyone else in the history of Scottish Football.

By spouting off his jealousy ridden spiel, Big Eck, as he’s known, epitomises EVERYTHING that’s wrong with our game, media and society.

He’s publicly admitted on the BBC, cheating to buy players, just to stay in touch with Celtic. That admission should have been enough for the media and the SFA, to question why it was allowed to happen.

But as you and I know, neither the SMSM or the SFA can question what happened, because they are both complicit. Sadly, we live in a society where honesty is looked upon as a fault. That’s why people like those mentioned above prosper.

Cheating, greedy, desperate men who couldn’t care less about anyone or anything. Selfish doesn’t even start to describe them

In reality, the only embarrassment here is YOU, Alex McLeish. I hope you’re as forthright with Hector when he comes a calling.