It’s the stuff of dreams. Former Rangers (IL) vice-chairman Donald Findlay, defending former club owner Craig Whyte in a Scottish court, over the proposed fraudulent takeover of the now liquidated club.

Findlay will know all about the people he’s putting in the dock, having served on the Ibrox board until 1999, when he was unceremoniously forced to resign after being caught on camera singing The Sash.

The bold Donald does have a history of an anti-Catholic rhetoric, along with his vocal disappointment at being born on March 17th, St Partick’s Day!

He is however, regarded as one of the best QC’s in the country, with an ‘inside knowledge’ of the workings at the Govan club.

Having already put the loyal cardigan Walter Smith and his former jovial sidekick, Ally ‘who are these people’ McCoist on the stand, Findlay is just getting warmed up. A web of lies has already unraveled, with more to come no doubt.

To emphasise the point, Findlay told the court, “this is not a public inquiry, it is a trial”, clearly referring the withholding of information that took place in the sham  Lord Nimmo Smith inquiry.

As the day proceeded, the cross examination of former finance director Donald McIntyre revealed all sorts of information, that had previously been hidden from public consumption or overlooked by various parties that had something to hide.

In particular, a letter dated 26th November 2010 confirming Rangers (IL) accepted liability for the £2.238m due to HMRC for the Discounted Option Scheme operated by the club, for payments to Ronald De Boer, Craig Moore and Tore Andre Flo. McIntyre confirmed a ‘side letter’ was used.

This Bhoys and Ghirls is only the tip of the iceberg.

So far the case has brought us more questions than answers. Certainly where David Murray, Campbell Ogilvie and the part played by Stewart Regan of the SFA is concerned.

I’d stock up on jelly, ice cream, popcorn and whatever else takes your fancy, because this is dynamite.

*Credit to @jamesdoleman for his excellent court coverage.