The Motherwell manager said before last night’s game at Fir Park, stopping Celtic’s unbeaten run would be better than winning the BetFred Cup.

Quite a statement. And a feeling he’ll never know. Although in his desperation to inflict damage on the InVIncibles, he sent out his team to play in the long traditional manner of past Motherwell teams, all the way back to the stalwarts Tam Forsyth, Gregor Stevens Willie McVie and Stuart McLaren. (you’ll note two of those four went on to play for old Rangers, so you don’t have to guess what kind of players they were!)

His team talk would have consited mainly of ‘if it’s green and white, kick it! Because from the first minute to the last that’s exactly what his team did. Their performance reminded me of the old days when anything goes.

Now I’m not saying they should stand off us and allow us to play, far from it, every team has the right to play their own game, albeit, within the rules. But Motherwell, and their mouthy manager like to play on this ‘physical’ aspect, where actually playing football becomes secondary.

Had it not been for the leniency of referee Willie Collum, they would never have finished the game with all eleven men, just like Sunday. His refusal to stamp out the thuggery of the home side in the first half, allowed the ‘Well players to have a free for all at Celtic.

While the SMSM lament the fact the Champions have been awarded two penalties in successive games against the Fir Park side, last night’s being the first league penalty of this season, they are missing the big picture in their attempt to diminish Brendan Rodgers players’ achievements.

Stopping the Bhoys unbeaten run has to be done in their eyes. And it doesn’t matter how. If it means kicking Celtic off the park to do so, then fine. They’re all sitting on copy ready to go for the ‘tactical genius’ who stopped the InVIncibles.

Pity Steve Robinson’s name won’t be in it…..