Once upon a time there was a manager of a new football club in Scotland called Sevco. He was brought to Glasgow to play highly paid players against plumbers and joiners in the second tier of Scottish Football, something most managers could do, but this man was special.

He was so good he even had a magic hat, one that his follow-followers would sing about and sometimes even copy.

Then one May afternoon in the Southside of Glasgow, at Hampden Park to be precise, the magic hat blew away never to return. Without these magic powers the man called Warbiola was helpless, even hopeless, and soon found his loyal subjects were not so loyal as they turned their backs on him, forcing him to resign, then not resign, then resign again..

He was soon to be banished from the place they call Ibrokes, and replaced with a young untried rookie by the name of Graeme Murty.

But things didn’t go so well for the rookie manager either, even though he has a mystery mentor (see pic) to guide him through the choppy seas of the Scottish Premiership.

With two losses out of three games in charge, and nothing to show in the league apart from a headstand, Murty is either not listening to the wise one or the wise one is full of shit, like his pupil!

Either way, the circus continues..

And just when we thought the big top couldn’t get any better, the rumour mill is rife with speculation that the new DOF, whoever that may be, will have the honour of working with failed Clyde boss and Daily Record columnist, Barry Chuckle Ferguson!

Now I might be jumping the gun a little here but from what I’ve read on socal media and the praise Barry has recieved from his cronies in the SMSM  it looks like the Bazza is on course to return to a place where he said only last week, ‘I don’t know how anyone could leave that place (Ibrox)’ even though he did himslef when he was transferred to Blackburn in 2003!

So, Bhoys and Ghirls, the fun goes on…