And get away with it.

This week the Craig Whyte fraud trial has brought back into focus the Biggest Scandal in British Sporting History.

While the case itself is to determine if ‘Motherwell Billionaire’ Whyte gained ownership of Rangers Football Club  (IL) fraudulently, the evidence from witnesses Walter Smith, Ally McCoist, Donald McIntyre and David Murray has given us an insight into the workings at Ibrox.

Although all the witnesses at one time or another have claimed to had lapses in memory, defence QC Donald Findlay has managed to jog their respective memories with some hard evidence. In the form of emails, phone call transcripts and texts.

Snippets include the admission by Walter Smith that he was ‘sacked twice’ even though Dignity FC claim never to sack their managers. The loyal cardigan also told the court he didn’t know the mechanisms of running a football club, yet still blamed the bank for the club’s demise.

Super salary’s evidence was, well pretty farcical to say the least. A bit like his managerial career.

However, things really started to hot up when former Finance Director Donald McIntyre took the stand.

Now we all know about the two tax cases, the Wee One and the Big One. To distinguish the two, the first was the Discounted Option Scheme (DOS) operated by Rangers (IL), the second was the Employee Benefit Scheme (EBT’s).

BOTH involved dual contracts or ‘side letters’ as they are known, therefore EVERY player in receipt of either DOS or EBT would be illegally registered. The consequence, as Legia Warsaw found out for this offence is the result of EVERY game where the illegally registered players participated now shows a 0-3 result.

Other clubs in Scotland have suffered this punishment, before and after Rangers (IL) decided to choose to bypass the football rules in this country.

David Murray and Rangers (IL), knew the punishments, but still admitted liability in the Wee tax case. Donald McIntyre said so, in a court of law.

So, I’d like know, what made David Murray and Rangers (IL) think they could cheat the rest of Scottish Football and get away with it?

Might be a question Donald Findlay could ask….

*we’ve only scratched the surface here, there’s plenty more to come from this court case. Keep looking in…