I’ve said on here before, the SFA and UEFA are two cheeks of the same arse, only difference is, the SFA NEED Celtic, whereas UEFA couldn’t give a shit about us.

There is also a thing called ‘strict liability’ where the clubs are held responsible for the fans behaviour. We don’t have that in Scotland, but UEFA impose it, almost at will.

Now before I go on, UEFA to me are hypocrites. They insist in no political messages or display, but had a Madiba Day Banner at every Champions League game when Nelson Mandela died. If that’s not political, then I don’t know what is!

They also bottled out of switching the ties, in my opinion, That in itself would have kept a lid of sorts on the potential powder keg. Common sense rarely prevails when it comes to governing bodies, at home or abroad.

One thing we can’t escape though, is the Champions League, where Celtic and all the best players want to play is, their ba’ and like the big bully with the ba’, they make the rules. And if we want ‘in on the game‘ we have to abide by the rules whether we like it or not.

Ultimately, when Brendan Rodgers goes to sign a player to make Celtic better, something we ALL want, then offering him the chance to play Champions League football with the unique atmosphere Celtic Park offers,  just might sway the deal.

Having sections of the ground closed because we pissed UEFA, (remember, it’s their ba’), off, won’t help his cause.

I’m not going to turn this into a Celtic good, Green Brigade bad article.

Celtic have to keep the authorities who give us licenses to operate happy, therefore we have to play by the rules. That means imposing on all the supporters who enter the stadium guidelines of what required. It’s simple really.

For me, Pyro at the Hearts game made up the club’s mind something has to be done. Closing the ‘Green Brigade’ section for two games is heavy handed. Dialogue could have brought about a better solution. However, that may have happened to no avail, I’m not party to any knowledge of that.

What we do know, is Celtic have had another fine, €4,500 and Leigh Griffiths has had a one match ban imposed for tying a scarf to the goalposts after the first leg. Classed as provoking the same spectators that lobbed bottles and coins at him.

The fine was for having five players booked. That I would class as being obscene, to be honest, the referee should have foregone his match fee, considering the pigs ear he made of the game.

Linfield on the other hand have had the area where the missiles were thrown closed for one match and a fine of €10,000 imposed for the above missile throwing, and the attempted pitch invasion at the end of the match.

There will be more sanctions against Celtic following the banner displays on Wednesday. Let’s hope we don’t see our ground subject to the same from UEFA.

To finish off, I hate seeing any of the Celtic support argue among ourselves. Opinions will always differ, that’s healthy, and no one supporter is any better than another. But we can’t keep giving ammo to the people who take great pleasure in putting us down.

We’re shooting ourselves in the foot. Let’s get back to what we do best, supporting Celtic, first and last. It’s all about Celtic.