The horrendous premeditated assault on Celtic skipper Scott Brown by the thug Andrew Davies on Saturday is a result of a vendetta, indirectly instigated by the Hearts manager Craig Levein.

For some reason Levein chose to comment on Broonie picking up a booking in the Kilmarnock v Celtic match, suggesting it was deliberate to avoid missing an upcoming derby match at Ibrox. This came on teh back of him telling the world that other players in Scottish football ‘need protection from Scott Brown’.

Although Broonie’s disciplinary record shows that in over 400 matches for the club, he’s received only four red cards, with the last one against Ross County last season rescinded. Hardly the record of a dirty or reckless player that others need protected from!

And as far as we know, Broonie has yet to punch a team mate, something Levein can’t say….

But since the Levein comments, Aberdeen’s Sam Cosgrove tried to maim the Celtic captain at Pittodrie, resulting in a deserved red card, Motherwell’s Kipre had a go at Broonie, prioir to his innocuous sending off, and on Saturday we witness a tackle that could have seriously damaged Scott’s health.

Davies knew exactly what he was doing. He was trying to finish Broonie off, be it for the season or for the rest of his career. It was that serious. For anyone to suggest otherwise, they’re either blinded by blue tinted glasses or work for the SMSM.

Meanwhile, the chief shit stirrer Levein watches from the sidelines. His comments unpunished but his sentiments carried out by ever thug looking to make a name for themselves playing against the Hoops.

With the Bhoys only nine points off seven league titles in a row, for me it would be karma if the Hoops become champions again at Tynecastle, for the third time in a row, with Broonie scoring at least one of the goals.

And to cap it off, Scott Brown being named the Player of the Year, an accolade he so richly deserves in this his testimonial year…