There was a time when the phrase ‘conveyor belt’ and *Rangers (IL) in the same sentence would point to the talent coming out of the then Murray Park. Like most ‘phrases’ associated with the Ibrox club(s), they mean very little and have no substance whatsoever. (The Murray Park conveyor belt, like the floating pitch and casino never materialised.)

Think ‘dignity’ and ‘no surrender‘, two more commonly used ‘sayings’ that emanate from the deluded who support the new club.

The second was a favourite of a one time chairman of the liquidated club, a certain Mr Alistair Johnson. He liked it so much he reminded us during a TV documentary where he was in full denial mode of the cheating going on down Govan way. I’m sure his boast was there’s only two words here that matter and the first one’s ‘No’, or words to that effect!

Johnson, who according to Phil Mac is about to take a greater role in the running of Sevco and the ousting of the Glib and Shameless Lying King, will no doubt be heralded as another Messiah who has business contacts all over the world and will put the new club on a par with Celtic in no time. Well, that’s what Jim Traynors press release will say and the obedient media will repeat verbatim.

But the truth is, Alistair Johnson is just another chancer in the long line of chancers that have resided in the Ibrox board room these last twenty years.

He was David Murray’s crony when the EBT and side letter cheating fiasco hit the fan. He was the chairman when Rangers*(IL) with a tax bill sitting unpaid, decided to give the go ahead to splash out on players after their Champions League elimination by FC Kaunas. The tax bill was of no consequence to Johnson, who like the other old club board members ignored their fiscal duties to try and keep the Establishment club at the top.

Murray (Dodgy), King, Johnson and Murray (Potless) were all directors of the old Ibrox club when they knowingly embarked on the ‘biggest scandal in British sport history’, while giving every other club in Scottish Football two fingers.