I always find the transfer window as a time when normal, rational fans lose some of their marbles!

It happens twice a year without fail. Supporters suddenly go from joiners, plumbers, shop assistants etc, etc to CEO’s, scouts, accountants, managers and agents.

It’s quite funny to watch.

ITK (in the know fans) tell us such and such will be signing, on x per week, for y years, which creates a frenzy of ‘he’s not good enough’, ‘what a signing’ and/or ‘believe it when I see it’ responses.

Either way, most of the time it’s all speculation, usually coming from the SMSM who need to sell papers regardless of the validity of the story. We’ve already heard from an ‘award winning’ churnalist telling us they’ll print whatever they like about us, because it sells.

They, like the ITK’s very rarely get it right.

And while it’s quite amusing listening to fans debate the lies, I find the best time to praise or complain about new signings, is when they appear at Celtic Park with a scarf or strip with their name on it.

At the end of the day, Celtic very rarely do their business in full view of the media, they’re to busy working on deals to make our team stronger and better. It’s their jobs.

Jobs for the Bhoys if you like….