Moments after a moron from the home support threw a Buckfast bottle at Leigh Griffiths, as he was about to take a corner in the Linfield v Celtic game last Friday night, I Tweeted, almost tongue in cheek, the SMSM would blame our player for the incident.

That was just after the equally moronic Spanish referee booked Leigh, for whatever reason, as he tried to dodge, not only the bottle, but several coins, as they rained down on him.

Regrettably, but not surprisingly, I was correct.

The morning after the game and somehow the player bringing to attention the possibility of being hit be a missile, is now accused of ‘winding the fans up’ and, wait for it, ‘time wasting’!

As sure as night follows day, the SMSM managed to turn a shocking incident, into a ‘Celtic bad’.

Chief instigator, as expected, was BFDJ, who was at pains to tell us Leigh should have ‘just got on with it’.

Lucky for Leigh, he’s quite slight in build and none of the missiles thrown hit their intended target. The same can’t be said for Johnstone, who would have been much easier to hit, although anything above the shoulders wouldn’t cause much damage…

Meanwhile, we await the response from UEFA.

Ironically, the match delegate at the Celtic v Hapoel Be’er Sheva Champions League qualifier last season was from the Belfast club. His report included the fans display of Palestine flags, which resulted in Celtic receiving a £15,000 fine.

Let’s see how UEFA view his club’s inability to safeguard our players.