There’s a deluded Sevco blogger, Johnny MacFarlane, who writes for the club fanzine that is the Daily Record*.

He has during his time come up with some real crackers when it comes to talking up the Ibrox club, with not a hint of reality attached to ANY of his articles. Doing very much the same job as Chris Jack does at the Evening Times.

There is no doubt he’s lost the irony of his latest article, where he suggests Sevco do a’ Juventus on Celtic’, comparing the job the Italian giants did on Barcelona in the Champions League, to a similar job Sevco should do on the champions.

Celtic are without doubt the Barcelona of Scottish Football, but Sevco are more like Espanyol than Juventus to be honest.

However, the irony of Johnny’s article has more to do with his choice of club to copy.

If he believes, like most of the Gullibears do, that Sevco are in fact Rangers (IL), then it his choice of Juventus couldn’t be more appropriate.

You see, in 2006 the ‘Old Lady’ of Italian football were stripped of their 2004-05 Serie A title and demoted to Serie B for their part in cheating, by arranging favourable refereeing appointments, in a scandal known as ‘Bribesville’. Unlike the scandal in Scottish Football where Rangers (IL) acted alone, Juventus were part of a five team scam.

And unlike the Scottish scandal, Juventus were punished accordingly, and took their medicine getting on with it, and not blaming anyone else for their cheating.

If justice is to be served in Scotland, Rangers (IL) too will be stripped of the titles they won while using players illegally registered. An offence their chairman admitted committing.

*no newspaper was purchased.