Clyde Super Scoreboard presenter Gerry McCulloch came out with the ultimate in ironic statements yesterday, when he used his Twitter account to question the integrity of the SFA over their refusal to charge Morton’s Kudus Oyenuga with cheating after the player feigned injury in the game against Hibs last week.

Gerry pointed out, quite rightly, the SFA had made this big play at start of the season about stamping out simulation and cheating as a priority. I know, the irony of this mob coming out with that kind of statement isn’t lost on me either!

As much as Gerry may have the right intentions by questioning the compliance officer Tony McGlennan, McCulloch along with the rest of his cronies in the SMSM condone cheating, current and historical, day in day out.

Their refusal to even discuss The Offshore Game Report is tantamount to complicity in allowing cheating to thrive in our game.

The show he hosts regularly feature pundits, like Alex Rae, who during their playing days at Ibrox, received non taxable payments courtesy of the EBT and side letters issued by the old Rangers.

So, while Gerry’s intentions of bringing the SFA to account over Oyenuga were admirable, maybe he should start a bit nearer home, and drop the playing daft where Rangers (IL), the SFA and the SPFL are concerned.

If he really wants to make a name for himself, maybe he should question the need for a secret 5 way agreement?

Until then, he’ll only be a piano player who got the old Jim Delahunt gig…