No doubt you’ll have read or watched the media furore about the Paradise Papers, you documents telling us where the super rich and the Monarchy hide their/our money.

They are called Paradise Papers largely because the location of tax free shelters tend to be in the Caribbean, Bermuda, BVI and the like. Sometimes it’s Switzerland, Liechtenstein or even the Channel Islands.

Regardless of where they are the principle is still the same. To avoid paying tax.

Early on in the week it emerged the Queen, then Prince Charles both used these tax shelters to avoid paying tax in the UK. Yip, the money us poor subjects give to these greedy people, via taxation, is treated differently than the money we earn.

It then emerged an Irish citizen who happens to own a lot of shares in Celtic, used the Swiss tax shelter to avoid paying tax in an aviation company he owns. Perfectly legal. But the fact that Dermot Desmond does own shares in our club was enough for the BBC to try and associate his other business dealings with Celtic.

For negative purposes of course.

The piece by ‘investigative journalist’ Mark Daly, where he shoved a microphone into Mr Desmond’s face as he walked into Celtic Park, was nothing more than a stunt. But one that will spectacularly back fire on him and the bias institution he represents.

As the BBC is publicly funded, surely there has to be an obligation to be impartial. (no laughing at the back). Therefore, Mr Daly might be using the taxpayers money more efficiently should he ‘doorstep’ someone who’s avoiding UK tax, someone like New Oasis, the BVI based company that provides soft loans to Sevco.

He could also have taken a wee trip along the M8 to ask a Knight of the Realm about his offshore holdings or his tax dealings over the last 25 years. However Mr Murray is Teflon where these matters are concerned.

Or as they are taking a footballing angle on tax avoidance and evasion, they maybe, in the public interest ask how a former club paid ex-employees while working for other clubs, like Graeme Souness and Walter Smith. Or even expose the fraud committed by the club, Rangers, in trying to swindle both PSV Eindhoven and Everton out of money.

Now these are not wild accusations, and Mr Daly knows they’re not, as he was party to seeing the evidence. But someone at the BBC decided not to go ahead with the investigation. I wonder who?

For those of us of a certain age, the BBC bias against our club is nothing new. I’m sure there’s a wee song about their lack of interest in our club on our quest to become world club champions…