Listen to the interview below, Scott McDonald recalling how a referee called him a cheat when he wore the Hoops!

Although Skippy doesn’t tell us who the official was, it’s a shocking indictment of the people who run our game that they think they can get away with calling a player a cheat.

McDonald mentions his team mate Lee Naylor, also heard the incident in the interview, and he claims the manager, who would have been Gordon Strachan, heard it too.

The referee in question was forced to apologise to the Australian striker, otherwise the club were going to take it further.

This incident came BEFORE referee Dougie McDonald lied to Celtic manager Neil Lennon after denying the Hoops a penalty at Tannadice when Gary Hopper was brought down.

It’s clear there’s an agenda against Celtic, our management, and our players from the officials and the governing body.

My only regret in this instance is Scott McDonald’s failure to name the referee in question. I’m sure we have a right to know…

Interview here: