Monsters, just like the one in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein are usually created with the body parts of one or many former beings. Quite often they are gruesome and unpleasant on purpose, therefore they become somewhat menacing.

And Sevco/The Rangers are no different.

Despite the protestations of many lamb munchers in the SMSM and the rank and file Gullibears, the team that plays out of Ibrox are not the same as the one originally created in 1872. They died in 2012, and yesterday, just to put the final ‘nail in the coffin’, Lord Bannatyne said as much when he gave his verdict on the Coral v Kinloch case.

This court case came about after a mug punter, Mr Kinloch, with an element of inside knowledge bet Rangers (IL) would be relegated in 2012. He claimed that’s what happened when the new club were allowed entry to Division Three, and wanted his £250,000 payout.

Coral Bookmakers, of course disagreed and the case went to court.

Unlike previous court cases, in particular the sham that was the Lord Nimmo Smith inquiry, Lord Bannatyne was in possession of the full facts for this case.

His summation of what actually happened is below…

What you can gather from the Judge’s words is that Rangers (IL) were neither relegated or demoted as the SMSM would have you believe. They are a new club (Sevco/Rangers), put together with the body parts of Oldco Rangers, some players, the stadium, the colours, and more importantly the gullible fans who will believe the earth is flat if it suits them.

This Frankenstein like creation came about courtesy of the secret five-way agreement, involving RFC, SPL, SFL, SFA & Sevco, allowing the new monster entry into the third division without needing the regular qualifying criteria, like three years accounts.

It started of as a basket case and has continued to do so throughout it’s five-year existence, living month to month on emergency loans. The club continues to be a blight on our game, spending most of it’s time in dispute with broadcasters, authorities, both football and legal, while looking to operate under different rules from everyone else.

Maybe it’s time Dr Frankenstein returned to exterminate the monster and do us all a favour..