SFA Chief Executive, Stewart Regan is either being worked by someone, or he’s a complete idiot with no respect for the law in this country, or any other for that matter.

We haven’t heard a peep from him for weeks, maybe months, but when a Scottish court of law finds Craig Whyte NOT GUILTY of fraud in obtaining Rangers (IL), he comes out from under his rock to declare the defendant, and now innocent man, not fit and proper to run a football club.

Yet, the same Regan found in favour of Dave King, a former director of the now deceased club, and a man found GUILTY of 41 charges of fraud and deception by a South African court, where a judge described him as a ‘glib and shameless liar’, fit for proper to run the new club.

King, who only managed to stay out of jail by agreeing to pay £45M in back tax, is lauded around Hampden and has been seen in talks with the current SFA Chief Executive.

Regan, who has already dismissed claims former SFA President, and EBT recipient,  Campbell Ogilvie was conflicted when the tax case was being heard, is clearly being influenced by someone.

He’s also chosen to emerge from his bunker on the day another former director of the cheating dead club, Alistair Johnson, is moved onto the club board. Coincidence? Don’t you believe it.

The notion the SFA is a governing body for the whole of Scottish Football is pure fantasy. It’s being run FOR the benefit of one club, and controlled by the same club.

Something HAS to change. And now.