For many years now we’ve suspected those that run our game of being shall we say, ‘less than honest’, only for our suspicions to be confirmed with the tax cheating over at Ibrox and the role played by the various administrators.

We’ve had a former CEO of the SFA Campbell Ogilvie, accepting tax free payments from a member club, Rangers at the time, with impunity, then holding shares in another member club, Hearts. His share transfer to his wife was also against the rules as no family member can hold shares in two clubs.

Which coincides with the news this week of Hamilton Accies being subjected to a fraud scam. This brought the spotlight on the Lanarkshire club’s accounts where it emerged Donald Park has a major shareholding. Yip, the same Donald Park who’s soft loans are keeping Sevco afloat.

He may have transferred his shareholding to his son Graeme, but the family rules then applies. Or is ignored in this case.

These revelations shouldn’t really come as a surprise when you consider the same governing body allowed a convicted criminal to ride roughshod through the rules to take control of the new Ibrox club. Aided and abetted by an equally corrupt media, shysters of all kind have been allowed to ply their trade in Scotland, all with the blessing of the SMSM and SFA.

Seems to me the more honest you are, the less chance you have of succeeding in Scottish Football.

And this week shows there is no limit to anyone’s dishonesty as long as it a) sells papers and b) suits the SFA.

By suggesting the former disgraced England manager Sam Allardyce, as a suitable replacement for Gordon Strachan, tells me there is no place in Scottish football for honesty, as it’s obviously a hindrance. The people in charge prefer crooks..