It seems since Brendan Rodgers walked through the doors at Celtic Park, all his team does is break records!

In an incredible first season, his Bhoys finished with all three domestic trophies taking residence in the Paradise trophy room, with little sign they’ll be moving anytime soon.

Today, after 62 domestic games his charges travel up to Perth, to take on a misfiring St Johnstone side that will no doubt kick everything that moves in an attempt to halt the Hoops creating a record of their own.

Saints manager Tommy Wright is never shy from accusing officials of bias towards the Champions, usually in an attempt to deflect from a defeat, but his selective memory tends to ignore any decisions that go his way.

Should the Champions avoid defeat at McDairmid Park, therefore beating the clubs own 100 year undefeated record this lunchtime, be prepared for little mention of the outstanding feat as the SMSM either focus on the reaction of the home manager of the ‘interrupted’ minutes silence, the Perth side so hastily arranged.

It appears for Celtic, and our fantastic support, to get the any real recognition we have to look beyond these shores to the continent where prejudices don’t matter.

For the Bhoys and Ghirls who are lucky enough to attend today’s game, savour the occasion, you could be witnessing history in the making….again!