On Sunday night, Scottish football’s Hall of Fame became the latest organisation to shun the men who were part of Celtic’s most famous and historic season.

By inducting Bertie Auld, Willie Wallace, Jim Craig and John Clark into the Hall of Fame, they gave an enormous slap in the face to these players colleagues and team mates of the 1966-67 season, namely John Fallon, John Hughes, Charlie Gallagher, Willie O’Neil and Joe McBride.

These five men, now known as ‘the forgotten Lions’, each made a telling contribution to that memorable season, and other seasons when Celtic were conquering all at home an abroad.

The fact they never played in Lisbon on the 25th May 1967 should NEVER take away the part they played that year.

Having spent some time in the company of three of those ex-players, all Celtic through and through, it hurts like hell they don’t receive at least some recognition for their efforts. Without which, Lisbon may never have happened.

You only have to listen to our current manager Brendan Rodgers, when he talks about his team, he ALWAYS refers to it being a COLLECTIVE.  He recognises the part everyone plays in our success.

It’s time for everyone to do the same with the men who helped make Celtic the club they are today, it’s time to remember the ‘Forgotten Lions’….

*The banner featured is on the wall of a Belfast Celtic fan