No doubt you’ll have either read or heard about the latest article demonising Celtic or a Celtic player from the bitter hands of the Sunday Mail’s Gordon Parks.

Parks is no stranger to putting out crap, stuff you’d expect to see from a fanzine, and doesn’t disappoint with his latest nonsensical piece on Paddy Roberts decision to come back up on loan to Celtic.

Without going too much into the article itself, the main gist seems to be that poor Gordon must look at ANYTHING Celtic do  and think of a way to portray it in a negative manner. I’d go as far as to say by the standard of his writing, it keeps him awake at night.

But there’s another issue here.

As far as I’m aware, before any article is published either a sub-editor or an editor will have to give the nod for publication. So as much as Gordon Parks is guilty of penning the piece, someone else has the final say.

Which tells us the anti-Celtic bias at both the Daily Record and the Sunday Mail is as rife as ever.

If the journalistic profession had any credibility left, cretins like Parks will soon eradicate it, as the industry falls flat on it’s face…