Then why didn’t Sevco do it going through the divisions?

When your faced with just being also-rans, it’s probably expected you’ll try to belittle the achievements of the club you so wish you were.

Since Sevco’s inception in 2012, they’ve spent most of their existence hanging on to Celtic’s coat tails, trying to feel make themselves feel relevant. They crave the attention by trying to resurrect the term ‘Old Firm’ at every conceivable opportunity.

It’s almost as if they feel the need to be seen. Almost like their previous incarnation, Rangers, there’s an entitlement issue they just can’t let go.

Instead of showing some humility and congratulate Brendan Rodgers and the Bhoys, on our historic unbeaten, Treble winning season, they come up with excuses, like using the size of our budget, as a reason for our success.

Well, it is true we do have a bigger budget than any other club in Scotland, mainly due to the fact our club lives within it’s means, and is well run and fantastically supported.

We also have a better manager and better players than any other club in the country.

But let’s humour the Sevvies for a while.

If, as they say, going through the season unbeaten is down to having a bigger budget, then why didn’t they manage to go undefeated through the Championship, Division Two and Division Three, when their budget was enormously bigger than the other clubs in their leagues?

When they were paying and playing Premiership wages and players, against plumbers, brickies and postmen?

Answers on a postcard…