The news that Sevco have finally made contact with fifth-placed Qatari club Al Garafa about the availability of their Portuguese manager Pedro Caixinha, is a clear indication that the noisy neighbours have ambitions above their station.

With a reputed salary of around ¬£2m tax-free, it’s obvious a stringent medical would be needed, with particular attention being paid to the guys head, as he must be off his nut to go anywhere Soft Loans FC. Particularly with his pedigree, if the SMSM are to be believed…

This under the radar move, well it must be if none of the real big clubs in Europe are interested, will no doubt come to nothing and the Sevco board will resort to type with a ‘Real Rangers Man’ appointed just in time to fleece the Gullibears of more season ticket cash. Let’s be honest here, news of Caixinha joining Scottish Football’s newest club will hardly fill the Lodges for the forthcoming¬† Sash Bash season, considering the man will most probably be a Catholic!

The sad truth of the matter is Pedro Caixinha is being used as a tool by King & Co to make the Sevconians think they’re attracting a manager of real quality. With the ever compliant media onside, the new Mourinho will be tagged as being too greedy when the deal falls through.

In the meantime, the REAL PEDRO, Celtic Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell, will continue to run the game specifically to suit our club. His influence over the game, the GCC and most likely the Vatican, will leave the deluded from down Ibrox way foaming at the mouth, a constant state they suffer from I believe.

In reality, is Glasgow big enough for two Pedros? I think not.