Since the impending demise of Rangers (IL), around 2012, Celtic fans have been teasing the follow-followers of the Ibrox club(s), telling them their grandchildren will all be Celtic supporters.

Although the jibes are somewhat in jest, there is an element of truth in the joke.

The younger generations will support Celtic, that’s a fact. Kids want to be associated with winning, and to be honest, so do adults.

So, not only will the Sevconians offspring be more likely to support Glasgow’s Green & White, many of their mothers and fathers will be taking their kids to Celtic Park instead of Ibrox.

And who can blame them?

They’re only following in Pedro’s footsteps after all.

Think I’m kidding? Just ask the rank and file, Gullibear. Your run of the mill Billy the Bigot is absolutely raging with manager Pedro after his compliments about Celtic pre and post Sunday’s stroll.

Add his warm embrace of Brendan after the game, and BTB is now ready to explode!

And to make matter worse, if that’s possible for the Zombies, Pedro comes out today and tells the world, his association with Celtic helped land him the Santos Laguna job in Mexico!

Well if its’ good enough for the manager…..

So a big Hail! Hail! to all our new supporters….for generations to come!