The stage managed circus that’s surrounding the SPFL’s resistance to apply their own rules fairly and squarely, is almost certainly going to end up with a Judicial Review, and that is exactly what the Scottish football authorities are running scared of.

Their handling of the way Rangers (IL) cheated their way through the DOS payments, then continued through the EBT’s years will be brought into question, with damning evidence to prove they not only turned a blind eye to the cheating, they in effect colluded with the Ibrox club.

In their attempt to stave off an inquiry, former Rangers season ticket holder and SPFL chairman, Ralph Topping told us there would be no going back, and after seeking legal advice, basically that was it over. Time to move on.

Enlisting the support of a few key clubs, with Stewart Milne of Aberdeen the most vocal, Topping & Co sought to use the use of EBT’s as a forerunner for any punishment of the old club. It was a squirrel, and the people who really know the ins and outs of the scam saw through it a mile off.

This is, and always was, about their governance of our game and how they failed every supporter outside of the Ibrox club, by not applying their own rules. I’m sure Livingston and Spartans will concur.

As each day goes by, the football authorities, almost unwittingly, are providing the grounds for a Judicial Review with each lie they print or speak.

Their denial of knowledge about Rangers (IL) predicament is only one lie that’s been exposed by the blog RangersTaxCase this afternoon. Many more will follow, as they seek to distance themselves from the Biggest Scandal In British Sporting history.

The repercussions of their involvement should see those responsible behind bars.

And if they think the laws of football governance are above the law of the land, they are very much mistaken. As Fergus McCann proved in 1996, when confronted by a, lets say, less than honest SFA Chief Executive Jim Farry, who withheld Jorge Cadete’s registration.

Farry paid the price with his job. Doncaster, Regan & co better watch out. Only this time it’s not Fergus that’s after you, it’s the fans of every Scottish football club….

*Who knows, maybe Topping will be punished retrospectively?