Yesterday marked the fifth anniversary of Rangers Football Club entering administration. Their years of tax evasion and cheating had finally caught up with them as the then owner Craig Whyte contacted the Court of Sesssion to put the club into administration.

The final straw came after their largest creditor HMRC, despite confident overtones from the SMSM, refused to enter a CVA, thus leaving the club with debts approaching £134M.

This calamity came to a head after it was discovered the Ibrox club had been living on fresh air for nearly four months, with Whyte withholding payment of tax and NI contributions since October 2011.

The narrative at the time was plain and simple. Rangers are an institution and are ‘too big’ to go under. Well, like everything that had gone before, that was just a phalicy. According to evidence given by the SPL lawyers at the sham LNS enquiry, Rangers ceased to be a club in June 2012 although it was argued the date was in fact August 2012.

From that day on the SMSM, many old Rangers fans themselves, and many in fear for thei lives, have done a 360 and claimed the club playing out of Ibrox now is the same that was founded in 1872. Although Scots Law states the club and company are indivisble, and UEFA state clearly a new club was formed, these charlatans continue to peddle the same club myth to appease their blue audience.

Their refusal to acknowledge our game was subject to the biggest cheating scndal in British sporting history, is in itself gross misconduct from an industry where integrity is a thing of the past. Cheating enough for LNS to comment it was second only to match fixing! I must add that the whole charade could only have been allowed to happen with the co-operation of teh Scottish football authorities, who have previous for misappropriation.

And now five years on, the very same media and authorities tell us, Scottish football fans, not just Celtic fans, the lifeblood of our game to move on.

These people have taken and taken from our game season after season, with not a care in the world as to whether the game is played with integrity or not. They, like the many less than honest incumbents at the Govan club are the real thieves of Scottish football.

Time to move on? That’ll be a no from me, and from every other decent fan in Scotland…