There’s this strange mantra going around that it would be good for the team, and the Scottish game, for Celtic’s unbeaten run of 69 domestic games to come to an end.

What? Are you kidding me?

Who in their right mind is fed up not losing games? Is it because we dropped a couple of daft points at Easter Road last week, after taking a two goal lead, or is it to suit the SMSM who are desperate for The Rangers to make some sort of title challenge?

Either way, I for one will NEVER get fed up wanting Celtic to come out of any game without defeat. Draws? I’m not exactly happy with, but they do happen, sometimes fortunately, other times through our own fault.

Wins? Of course that’s what we all want. And if you don’t you’re at the wrong place!

Losses, no thanks.

The feeling of dejection after Celtic lose is something no fan should want to endure. Luckily for us, we have a manager Brendan Rodgers, and a team led by Scott Brown, who feel the same. Long may it continue.

Here’s to number 70!