We’ve all see it, Celtic sign a new player and all of a sudden we’re the only club he wanted to play for, with the exception of Judas, and immediately we get that ‘he’s one of us feeling’.

But if you look a little closer, how many players and ex-players who’ve claimed an undying love for the Hoops would actually go to a game, without being paid to do so?

Off the top of my head I can think of three guys, one goes regularly, one can’t go so much now due to ill health, and the other was seen at Celtic Park BEFORE he signed for the Bhoys.

The three in question?Β  Lisbon Lions, John Fallon and Charlie Gallagher, and Paul Hartley.

Now don’t get me wrong, there may be others, but I’ll bet they are few and far between, compared to the many who’ve told us they were supporters before they donned the famous green and white Hoops.

We’ve even got celebrity supporters who wouldn’t dream of going to Hamilton or Motherwell on a Tuesday night to see the Bhoys. It’s almost become fashionable among the ‘celebs’ to say they support the Hoops.

Most real supporters were never fortunate enough to play for Celtic, but like Tommy Burns famously said, “we’re there, we always are there.”

And we’re there because we WANT to be there.

Not to make us look or sound good…