Here’s a few facts about the horror tackle dished out by Sevco’s Andy Halliday on Paddy Roberts at the start of yesterday’s Scottish Cup semi-final at Hampden.

Let’s begin with the starting place of Halliday. He was around ten yards away from Paddy as he ran at left back Beerman.

When Beerman was tackling Roberts, Halliday started his run. At this point Beerman managed to foul the Celtic winger but somehow Paddy managed to stay on his feet.

Now traveling at speed, Halliday decided he wanted to ‘clean Paddy Roberts out’, which he did, knocking the Bhoy flying through the air. Everyone in the ground could see the tackle was a potential leg breaker, except referee Wilie Collum.

To begin with the whistler made the right decision, and waved play on as Celtic had an advantage. But once the move ended, Collum should have brandished the red card.

The ‘tackle’ for want of a better word, was made to maim. Make n mistake, Halliday set out to injure Paddy Roberts. And it doesn’t matter if it occurs in the first or the last minute, the offence is the same. A straight red card.

Yet Willie Collum decide a yellow suffice. Just like the game last month at Celtic Park, Sevco were allowed to kick anything in green and white without fear of reprisal.

By only showing a yellow card, the thug can’t be punished further, but I do hope whoever represents captain Scott Brown at his hearing for last week’s farcical sending-off, uses a video of teh incident to compare tackles.  And punishments.

But let’s be honest here. Halliday made the challenge to prove he’s one of them. A fan who plays for the club. A Govan boy.

And that’s exactly all he is.

Brother Pedro could easily have picked one of the Gullibears from the crowd to do the same job. His notoriety was always going to be about trying to hurt a Celtic player, because he doesn’t have the ability to make anyone sit up and take notice. Like his team, he’s just not very good.