After one of the derby humpings of last season I picked up a hire from a local well known Sevco pub. As the name on the job was under the pub itself, I didn’t know who the passenger was.

He looked a bit despondent to say the least, so I guessed he was an unhappy bluenose, that and the location I got him from.

Little was I to know then, not only was an miserable fan but an ex-player of the new Ibrox outfit.

Now before I go any further, the lad was very pleasant, givien the circumstances, and as the journey progressed, opened up on his views about McCoist and the shambles at the Tribute Act. That was entertaining to say the least. But he saved the best for last.

Obviously as the drink began to talk, the conversation was very amicable, he opened up more and basically said the reason Sevco can’t get anywhere near Celtic on the park is Scott Brown. He raved about how influential he is, how he dominates games and how he’s the one player or type of player the new club sadly lack.

As he waxed lyrically about Broonie he kind of caught himself, as though he shouldn’t be talking about a Celtic player that way. Remember, not only was he a former player, but a supporter of both clubs to play out of Ibrox.

Having spent four years there, he has had to watch in awe as Celtic go from strength to strength. Like many who’ve tried Fraser Aird can’t do anything about it.

Except rave about our Captain Fantastic….