It’s true, there’s just no stopping this record breaking run of Celtic’s. Not even a ‘mystery illness’ could stop this footballing juggernaut steam rolling it’s way to 63 games without defeat.

You see, if you look at the players and the manager on Saturday afternoon at Perth you’d never know anything was wrong. They just went about their business as usual.

But on Friday night at the team hotel in Dunblane, eight members of the party, including Brendan Rodgers, failed to show for their evening meal.

The reason given wasn’t specific, but a ‘bug’ has been attributed to those involved.

Celtic and/or Brendan Rodgers could easily have leaked the situation to the SMSM, therefore giving themselves an ‘alibi’ should the record come to an end against St Johnstone the following lunchtime.

But that’s not our style.

The manager sent out his team to do a job, and they duly obliged. No excuses needed.

Looks like it’ll take more than a ‘bug’ to stop these record breakers..