That ludicrous statement was part of an article by Gordon Parks in yesterday’s Sunday Mail, an article that could quite easily have had the headline ‘it’s no fair!’!

Parks starts off his piece with a derogatory jibe at Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers by alluding to his lack of trophy success, although he doesn’t mention his one out of one, and soon to be two out of two radio in Scotland.

This hack obviously has a bug to bear, which becomes more evident as the article moves on.

His assumption that Brendan, who’s been in the game and managed at a higher level longer than anyone else in this country, should stop asking the players who have played most in our 36 games unbeaten domestic run, and start playing kids like Jack Aitchison.

In other words, drop Broonie, Sinky and Moussa to play the youngsters.


Well, according to Parks, this unbeaten run is becoming an obsession of Brendan’s and it’s just not fair that Celtic keep winning all these games. In an effort to cover his tracks he reckons the gaffer should bedding these young players for the Champions League qualifiers!

As if Brendan is going to go into the qualifiers with a bunch of kids!

In the interest of balance, Parks could have suggested Sevco new manager Pedro, do the same, as he is only trying to gain second place in the league and surely by bedding HIS youngsters in would set them up for the new season?

Of course he didn’t his sole intention was an attack on our club and manager.

I hope he’s man enough to ask Brendan the same questions when he next attends a presser at Celtic Park…