Today April 12th, is the day Sevco’s Messiah Dave KIng has to make a formal offer of 20p per share to buy out the rest of the club’s shareholders.

The ruling of the Takeover Panel, deemed King and his cronies acted more as a concert party than individuals, is estimated to cost the man described by a South African judge as a ‘glib and shameless liar’ in the region of £12m.

As expected, after the ruling King dismissed the findings and told the waiting press pack that he disagrees and will appeal. Though there is no mechanism for him to do so. (another lie)

It’s been a bad time for King recently, his business interests in South Africa are under greater scrutiny, and only last week his nemesis Mike Ashley was allowed by a High Court judge to continue his case against King & Co for terminating their merchandise agreement.

And to make matters worse, if what Phil MacGiollabhain says about the SFA blocking the new club’s entry into Europe should they finish high enough in the league is true, then the Gullibears will have to dig deep to keep the financial basket case alive.

If they believe his latest PR stunt that money if available to back their new manager Pedro, whilst the need soft loans to keep the lights on, then hell mend them.

Because when he goes, which could be any time, Mark Warburton, his fellow directors, the players AND the fans will all get the blame. Like a true glib and shameless liar that he is…