Celtic travelled to Brussels last night to take on current Belgian champions RSC Anderlecht in the Champions League.

The Belgians have a good European pedigree, reaching the quarter-finals of the Europa League last season before losing 3-2 on aggregate to eventual winners Manchester United. They’ve certainly been round the block, so to suggest they are a poor team is merely sour grapes.

In typical Scottish media fashion, ‘senior sports reporter’ Chris McLaughlin from the BBC described the same team as ‘pretty awful’…instead of praising Celtic for possibly making them look awful?

He’s already told us that the first 30 minutes was the worst he’d seen Celtic play under ‘Rodgers’.

Failing to grasp that Celtic had at that stage 70% possession, in an away tie in the Champions League!

His narrative from the off was how to make anything Scottish champions Celtic achieve look paltry by describing our opponents as poorly as possible. At no time did he say anything positive about the game, without bringing in a negative regarding Anderlecht.

This is the guy who we tax payer keep in job, a job he’s supposed to do impartially. His job is to promote Scottish football. He does neither. Instead he hides behind cowardice and cronyism.

He’s the one who told us there’s no appetite for Scottish football to seek justice for the corruption and cheating between the SFA and the old Rangers. He’s a yes man. A wimp, and a disgrace.

I hope he has the balls to describe the first 30 minutes again to Brendan at the presser for Saturday. But he won’t because the gaffer would bring him and his bitter cronies down a peg or two.

It took two pundits from south of the border to praise Celtic and give us proper credit for our best result in years, Gary Lineker and Stan Collymore. They’re football men who know the game. Not bitter and twisted hacks who sell their soul to the highest bidder…