The draw for the group stages of the Champions League put Celtic in Group B with European giants Bayern Munich, PSG and Belgian league winners Anderlecht.

We’ve met all three clubs before in European competition with PSG being the only club of the three to beat us home and away. That was in 1995 in the now defunct Cup Winners Cup, with the French side going all the way to win the trophy, ironically in Brussels, Anderlecht’s home city!

As much as we look forward to these massive occasions of welcoming the best teams and the best players in Europe to Celtic Park, there will always be an issue regarding the pricing of the tickets for the games.

Ticket pricing in general is a contentious issue at any time.

Celtic announced the prices for the three games as:

– Adults – £114
– Concessions – £90
– Under-13s – £81

These prices are for season ticket holders only. Should there be a public sale, I’m sure they’ll be much higher.

Now some may say watching the best players etc for £38 represents good value for an adult, but £27 for a child is outrageous. Others opinions will fall somewhere in between.

From what I read yesterday on social media, it’s all about an individuals circumstances. No fan has any right to tell any other what’s best for them. I saw some high and mighty selfish bast*rds telling other fans if they can’t afford the tickets, tough.

Maybe it’s a generation thing but to me, that’s not how to treat your fellow supporter. We should be looking to help each other, not create a ‘I’m alright Jack’ mantra.

While some of us might be able to afford a season ticket others can’t. Doesn’t mean those who can’t love the club any less. Unfortunately, we live in a society where Foodbanks are all too common. That’s the reality of things.

I hope everyone who want to take in the games, have the opportunity to do so. Regardless of affordability. That’s what supporting Celtic is all about.