All week in the run up to this afternoon’s BetFred Cup Final at Hampden we’ve heard the same old narrative, a Motherwelll win would be ‘good for Scottish Football’.

Last season we were spun the same story, the only difference was the team playing Celtic.

Aberdeen were the club who the ‘rest of Scottish football’ were rooting for, when in truth it’s only really the hate filled media and the Sevconians, as expected.

Most fans of other clubs, Hibs, Hertz and the rest couldn’t care less who wins the cup once their own respective teams are eliminated.

What I’d like to know is how anything other than a Celtic win is ‘good for Scottish football’?

Until someone comes up with a genuine reason I’m afraid they’ll have to get used to the fact that Celtic will continue winning trophy after trophy.

Our success is based on good football and corporate management. We play by the rules, and as a result can look forward without having to glance over our shoulders for any past misdemeanors.

A win today will see Celtic Football Club win our 103rd major trophy in 130 years, an amazing feat when you consider what the club has to put up with, and against this last thirteen decades.

Anything we achieve is based on merit.

Pity it’s not ‘good for Scottish football’…..

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