Celtic got their hands on another Treble last night at the Scottish Sports Awards, when manager Brendan Rodgers, captain Scott Brown and striker Leigh Griffiths were all recipents of these prestigous awards.

Brendan was named Manager of the Year for leading Celtic to an incredible undefeated Treble winning Invincible season. Captain Scott Brown received the Team of the Year award on behalf of his team mates, in recognition of our outstanding achievements last season.

And Leigh Griffiths was awarded ‘Inspirational Performance of the Year‘ for his two wonderful free-kicks for Scotland against England at Hampden in the World Cup qualifier in June.

All three were obviously delighted to be recgonised for the work they do in their chosen profession, football.

Meanwhile, across the city, new club Sevco will no doubt be looking for a special award of their own, following their six week Red October hunt for Aberdeen’s Derek McInnes!

With the help of the SMSM, and almost every breaking ex-player and manager of the old club, the pursuit of Del Boy was relentless. Although making it official only came about this week, when the compensation money was in place. Being skint isn’t funny.

As every hack and pundit, with very few if any exceptions, heralded the proposed new Messiah at Ibrokes, McInnes decided he’s better off in the cold North East, than the cesspit of Glasgow’s Southside.

And while the weathermen and women, were warning the people of Scotland to brace themselves for the snow and ice of Storm Caroline, there was in fact increased chances flodding, as Scottish football fans all over the country pissed themselves laughing at the comedy act calling itself Rangers.

I’m sure Mr Custard will be proud of them….