With the SMSM frenzy over the appointment of Alex McLeish as the successor to Gordon Strachan for the Scotland international job, should the Celtic tell big Eck where to go if he calls up any of our players?

You see, McLeish has a history that endears him to the corrupt sports media in this country, but is despised by the honest decent fans who contribute to our game.

Let’s just put aside his acrimonious resignation as Scotland manager in 2007 to take over Birmingham City for a moment, and concentrate on his more recent history.

While he was being interviewed by Mark Daly of the BBC, ‘big Eck’ openly admitted that during his time as Rangers manager, where he was in receipt of EBT payments, he acknowledged that without using the cheating tax scheme his now deceased club couldn’t compete with then rivals Celtic.

All without an ounce of remorse or regret. It was matter of fact. We broke the rules, so what.

In a more honest environment than Scottish football, McLeish’s admission would have ensured he would never be considered for any managerial position in Scotland, let alone the national managers job! But this is Scotland…

More recently, the same guy openly admitted to ‘helping’ Celtic’s Champions League opponents Anderlecht, by identifying Belgian defender Dedryck Boyata as ‘the weak link’ before our tie a fortnight ago.

Apart from the fact he was wide of the mark, with Boyata and his team mates putting in genuine five star performances, the notion that he would rather help a Belgian side before the Scottish champions tells it’s own story.

Now should McLeish get his wish, his begging on the radio and TV for the job is cringe worthy, I hope Celtic remember his actions and refuse to allow our players to risk injury playing for Scotland under him.

In effect, they should tell big Eck to get to feck!