Celtic Football Club are a shining example to all, on and off the park. The club is a well oiled machine that have a vision while not forgetting it’s roots. Through careful fiscal management, we generate millions of pounds in revenue, without having to rely on third party loans.

Our sponsorship deals are the best in Scottish football, all conducted with the utmost integrity. For any business looking to put money into our game, associating yourself with Celtic makes good sense. Our accounts are published on time, not hid away on a Friday night and are there for full public scrutiny.

We don’t need any public relations favours or stunts. Transparency is practiced at Celtic Park, not simply used as a buzz word to gain power.

Our charity arm, largely thanks to the help and fundraising of our fantastic support, have donated millions of pounds to good causes, local and world wide. Whenever there’s a natural disaster, the Celtic Foundation are the first to make a pledge. Again, showing the same ethos as our founding fathers, to look after those most in need.

While the Foundation do great work, they are not alone. The Green Brigade also do fantastic work with their foodbank collections. Although given the press they receive, you’d think they were robbing the people they help!

Celtic fans put more money into Scottish football than any other club. By shear numbers, the money we generate for the game and the economy is very often overlooked, particularly with the way many of us are treated, simply because we are football fans.

Amazingly it takes media and authorities from outside of the country we play in to recognise our contribution. The award for the Best Fans In The World is testament to that.

On the park, Celtic are envied for the records we consistently break.

Yesterday, we broke our own 100-year old record of consecutive domestic games without defeat, by winning 4-0 at Perth, a feat that others have tried without success. To go 63 games without loss is an amazing achievement, to do so in three different competitions is even harder.

Of course the knockers and whiners will try to belittle the record, citing the standard of opposition, yet the main detractors couldn’t achieve the same feat while playing against joiners and plumbers.

Instead of moaning and bitching, they be better spending their time trying to emulate Celtic. We are the example to follow, but the parochial nature of our opponents and authorities in this country tells me they don’t have the guts to take on the challenge.

They’d much rather greet about it…