As the Bhoys prepare to take on Bundesliga giants, Bayern Munich, tonight in Bavaria, Celtic’s success in Europe means for the second year running, the windfall generated by the clubs Champions League group stage qualification means a bumper pay day for the top flight clubs in Scottish football.

UEFA will make payments of £370,000 to each club in the Premiership, a total of just over £4m, significantly higher than the league sponsor Ladbrokes put into our game. The last figures I saw from the betting giant was a package of £2m for all the clubs in the SPFL.

When you consider too the money generated last season from our group stage qualification, thought to be around £275,000 per club, it’s easy to see Celtic are propping up Scottish football with our Champions League success.

So when fans of the other clubs try to belittle our achievements, you can always give them a timely reminder that without Celtic in Europe, their respective clubs would be a lot worse off. To say the least.

Add to that the money the fans generate by travelling all over Scotland to watch the Hoops, then it is a fact, Celtic are the only show in town..

Although I’m still waiting on some of the beneficiaries, such as Stewart Milne at Aberdeen, Ann Budge at Hearts or Rod Petrie at Hibs thank us for running a legitimate, prosperous club that lives within it’s means, therefore generating a windfall for their respective clubs.

Seems to me they prefer backing corruption…