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If Going Through The Season Unbeaten Is So Easy…….

If Going Through The Season Unbeaten Is So Easy…….

Then why didn’t Sevco do it going through the divisions?

When your faced with just being also-rans, it’s probably expected you’ll try to belittle the achievements of the club you so wish you were.

Since Sevco’s inception in 2012, they’ve spent most of their existence hanging on to Celtic’s coat tails, trying to feel make themselves feel relevant. They crave the attention by trying to resurrect the term ‘Old Firm’ at every conceivable opportunity.

It’s almost as if they feel the need to be seen. Almost like their previous incarnation, Rangers, there’s an entitlement issue they just can’t let go.

Instead of showing some humility and congratulate Brendan Rodgers and the Bhoys, on our historic unbeaten, Treble winning season, they come up with excuses, like using the size of our budget, as a reason for our success.

Well, it is true we do have a bigger budget than any other club in Scotland, mainly due to the fact our club lives within it’s means, and is well run and fantastically supported.

We also have a better manager and better players than any other club in the country.

But let’s humour the Sevvies for a while.

If, as they say, going through the season unbeaten is down to having a bigger budget, then why didn’t they manage to go undefeated through the Championship, Division Two and Division Three, when their budget was enormously bigger than the other clubs in their leagues?

When they were paying and playing Premiership wages and players, against plumbers, brickies and postmen?

Answers on a postcard…


Sky Lie About Sevco Unbeaten Run….

Sky Lie About Sevco Unbeaten Run….

This last weekend has shown us, once again, that Sky have scant regard for Scottish football fans, with a so what attitude to impartiality.

The broadcaster have for long enough given up on our game, not only be constantly promoting the newest club in Scottish football, but by publishing lies, that show either contempt of lack of professionalism.

Their Saturday programme. live from Ibrokes prior to the Sevco v Hearts match, tried to convince us the home team were on a run of eight games undefeated at home.

Despite the fact they themselves, broadcast live only two weeks ago Celtic demolishing Sevco 5-1, at the same ground!

They seem to be quite happy publishing what ever they want, as long as it makes good reading for the Gullibears.

And to keep them at the forefront of bias, they replace one anti-Celtic clown, Neil McCann, with the cheeky chappie, who ripped off the natives for millions of pounds, while struggling through the lower divisions. A real Rangers(IL) man!

I sincerely hope BT Sport get the contract to broadcast Scottish Football. Although not perfect, they should at least dump Craigan, they are miles ahead of the others, including the BBC, who are pushing Sky in the bias stakes…


Wild Celebrations As Sevco Secure A Top Four Finish…

Wild Celebrations As Sevco Secure A Top Four Finish…

It looks like Maryhill was the place to be yesterday, as the newly promoted Sevco capped a great first season in the top flight, with as the radio put it, ‘a top four finish and European football’, although the second part is debatable.

Two late goals secured all three points for the new club, coming from behind against their nearest rivals, Partick Thistle,  in the Glasgow Derby.

The win was a massive relief for the manager, who despite having the best squad of players in Scotland, saw his team humiliated in their two previous matches, at Hampden and Ibrokes, against champions Celtic.

TV pictures showed the Portuguese throw off his normally cool exterior, to celebrate the late win by jumping about mad with his assistants, like a massive weight was taken off his shoulders.

This in part will be to deflect from his tactical genius, (his substitute, the £6m rated McKay scored the equaliser) that will no doubt be compared to his hugely successful predecessors Sally and Warbiola, although Pedro IS performing these mini-miracles without the need of a magic hat.

The late win also sparked jubilation among the away support, who decided to grace the Firhill pitch with a mini-invasion of sorts. Unlike the previous week, no opposing player was accosted or racially abused, probably because they won.

Ecstatic, the ‘fans’ left the pitch to continue with where they left off with their Bigotfest.

Reaching such dizzy heights will only serve as a reminder that ‘the gap’ isn’t as big as some thought. It’s only a mere 36 points and 61 goals.

If only the season lasted a wee bit longer…




Will Minty, Wattie and Sally Venture Into The Memory Loss Business?

Will Minty, Wattie and Sally Venture Into The Memory Loss Business?

We’ve all heard the radio ads, “If you’re aged between 50 and 75 and suffer from memory loss…..”.

There’s obviously a market for products that can help with such things, and after the evidence given by them at the Craig Whyte fraud trial, David Murray, Walter Smith and Ally McCoist seem to be prime prospects.

On countless occasions during the trial at Glasgow’s High Court, the three amigos have utter the very same words, ‘I don’t recall‘ followed by attending that meeting, reading that email or a conversation that’s taken place.

Sometimes a combination of all three!

This handy phrase seems to have been used when defence QC Donald Findlay has asked a very pertinent or awkward question of the witnesses.

And on every occasion, when the witness has tried to wriggle out of an answer, good old lamp chops provides a hard copy of evidence, along with a stern reminder of who’s boss in the court. He’s playing a blinder.

As the case goes on, it’s clear the business dealings of Rangers (IL) particularly from 2009, was an absolute shambles.

With still a long time and a lot of evidence yet to be presented, one thing’s for sure, the memory loss business will be booming come the end of the trial…

SFA Glaring Incompetence Over King’s Approval…

SFA Glaring Incompetence Over King’s Approval…

The SFA have this unique ability to get the simplest of things wrong, particularly when the world is watching them.

It must be their years of practice that makes them so proficient at it.

Their most recent and obvious ‘faux pas’ comes with their approval of Sevco chancer Dave King, as being a ‘fit and proper’ person to run a football club.

His acceptance was even more bizarre, when you consider his involvement as a director of the liquidated Rangers, a position that should have excluded him from holding office at a Scottish Football club for five years. The same should have applied to his crony Paul Murray.

Denying his application would have meant the SFA applying the rules. Unfortunately, history tells us the people in suits that roam the sixth floor of Hampden have a propensity for bowing to any club that plays out of Ibrox.

There was a time when they would have got away with it, but in this information age, fans and clubs are more demanding in knowing what’s going on.

We too can check the rules, to see if they are being applied correctly.

When Stewart Regan was appointed President of the SFA, succeeding the corrupt Campbell Ogilvie, he told the public there would be a more transparent body at Hampden.

That was just a lie.

In fact, I’m sure when Dave King swept to power at Ibrox, he told the Gullibears the exact same thing.

That too was a lie.

Just shows how much in common Regan and King have…

D-Day For Lying King, Will Dodgy Dave Say Goodbye To Sevco?

D-Day For Lying King, Will Dodgy Dave Say Goodbye To Sevco?

Today April 12th, is the day Sevco’s Messiah Dave KIng has to make a formal offer of 20p per share to buy out the rest of the club’s shareholders.

The ruling of the Takeover Panel, deemed King and his cronies acted more as a concert party than individuals, is estimated to cost the man described by a South African judge as a ‘glib and shameless liar’ in the region of £12m.

As expected, after the ruling King dismissed the findings and told the waiting press pack that he disagrees and will appeal. Though there is no mechanism for him to do so. (another lie)

It’s been a bad time for King recently, his business interests in South Africa are under greater scrutiny, and only last week his nemesis Mike Ashley was allowed by a High Court judge to continue his case against King & Co for terminating their merchandise agreement.

And to make matters worse, if what Phil MacGiollabhain says about the SFA blocking the new club’s entry into Europe should they finish high enough in the league is true, then the Gullibears will have to dig deep to keep the financial basket case alive.

If they believe his latest PR stunt that money if available to back their new manager Pedro, whilst the need soft loans to keep the lights on, then hell mend them.

Because when he goes, which could be any time, Mark Warburton, his fellow directors, the players AND the fans will all get the blame. Like a true glib and shameless liar that he is…