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Johnson Just Another Chancer From The Ibrox Conveyor Belt..

Johnson Just Another Chancer From The Ibrox Conveyor Belt..

There was a time when the phrase ‘conveyor belt’ and *Rangers (IL) in the same sentence would point to the talent coming out of the then Murray Park. Like most ‘phrases’ associated with the Ibrox club(s), they mean very little and have no substance whatsoever. (The Murray Park conveyor belt, like the floating pitch and casino never materialised.)

Think ‘dignity’ and ‘no surrender‘, two more commonly used ‘sayings’ that emanate from the deluded who support the new club.

The second was a favourite of a one time chairman of the liquidated club, a certain Mr Alistair Johnson. He liked it so much he reminded us during a TV documentary where he was in full denial mode of the cheating going on down Govan way. I’m sure his boast was there’s only two words here that matter and the first one’s ‘No’, or words to that effect!

Johnson, who according to Phil Mac is about to take a greater role in the running of Sevco and the ousting of the Glib and Shameless Lying King, will no doubt be heralded as another Messiah who has business contacts all over the world and will put the new club on a par with Celtic in no time. Well, that’s what Jim Traynors press release will say and the obedient media will repeat verbatim.

But the truth is, Alistair Johnson is just another chancer in the long line of chancers that have resided in the Ibrox board room these last twenty years.

He was David Murray’s crony when the EBT and side letter cheating fiasco hit the fan. He was the chairman when Rangers*(IL) with a tax bill sitting unpaid, decided to give the go ahead to splash out on players after their Champions League elimination by FC Kaunas. The tax bill was of no consequence to Johnson, who like the other old club board members ignored their fiscal duties to try and keep the Establishment club at the top.

Murray (Dodgy), King, Johnson and Murray (Potless) were all directors of the old Ibrox club when they knowingly embarked on the ‘biggest scandal in British sport history’, while giving every other club in Scottish Football two fingers.


Sevco Making History That Will Have Rangers Spinning In Their Grave…

Sevco Making History That Will Have Rangers Spinning In Their Grave…

There’s no getting away from it, Sevco do know how to get themselves into the history books, and like their predeccessors, usually for all the wrong reasons!

Maybe watching Celtic break record upon record, they feel to keep themselves relevant, they have to break records too.SO for the sake of it, let’s indulge in some same club fantasy and we’ll take the weekend for example.

According to the media, Martin Canning’s team, Hamilton Accidemical won at Ibrox for the first time in a league match in 91 years, recording a 2-0 victory that left the home side still searching for that elusive three wins in a row, with former Ibrox ‘favourite’ (no laughing now), David Templeton opening the scoring!

Much to the fury of the loyal hoardes, Accies had the audacity to score a second goal nine minutes from time, therefore putting paid to any notion the summersaulting Graeme Murty had of getting the managers gig.

In all fairness to Murty, his former gaffer Pedro had already shown him how it’s done as early as April when Celtic scored a record breaking five goals at the Crumbledome, a couple of weeks before Aberdeen won there for the first time in 26 years!

And of course off the park, the clumpany are losing money in record amounts, year after year.

It’s enough to have the old club, Rangers (back to reality), spinning in their graves….


The Ringmaster May Have Left But The Sevco Circus Keeps Rolling On…

The Ringmaster May Have Left But The Sevco Circus Keeps Rolling On…

Well, I suppose it was good while it lasted. The tenure of the Poundland Mourinho finally came to an end yesterday when the high heid yins at Ibrox couldn’t take any more of the laughing and joking from the Celtic support.

Pedro, a man of many languages, though none of them is English I’m sure, fell on his sword after his side failed to beat Kilmarnock at the Bigotdome on Wednesday night. The game finished 1-1 and the last six minutes could quite easily have summed up the Portuguese’s time in Scotland.

With the points in the bag, and a soft penalty to take, Sevco somehow managed to make a complete arse of seeing the game out. Sunday’s victim/villain, Daniel ‘Candyman’ Candeias stroke the penalty so close to the Killie keeper Jamie McDonald, he hardly had to move to save it.

But he did, then started the move that led to the equaliser, by former Rangers (IL) player Chris Burke.

In between times, Ryan Jack took a kick at another former player of the old club, Kirk Broadfoot, to get himself sent off for the fourth time in twelve months! Now just image the SMSM uproar if that was, say Broonie for instance!!

Anyway, back the Pedro.

I doubt if we’ll get as many laughs at the next mug to take the managers job at Ibrox. Unless he stays firmly on message and repeats everything PR ‘guru’ Jim ‘Jabba’ Traynor tells him. Like he has the best squad in Scotland, and repeats time and again the ‘they are the people’.

However, I doubt if Tina Turner will be getting any airtime on the Bigot Bus anytime soon, as Chris Sutton seems to have rendered that particular song null and void for the Sevconians….

So sadly, the Ringmaster has left the big top. But the Sevco circus keeps rolling on, with of course, a fantasizing media that have spent the last few weeks recruiting EBT recipients, one after another, ready to tell us how badly our game needs a strong ‘Rangers’.

The sense of entitlement oozes from every pore of them and their support, ready and willing to believe every word these chancers utter. We’ve been here before. Not one of these fantasists even remotely pays attention to what’s going on behind the scenes at ‘Dave King’s Penniless Pound’.

But it doesn’t matter, as far as they’re concerned, ‘the show must go on’, as long as they don’t have to pay for it….


Dave King: The Donald Trump Of Scottish Football.

Dave King: The Donald Trump Of Scottish Football.

When you look at it, the man in charge of Sevco, Dave King, and his counterpart in charge of the US, Donald Trump, they have a lot more in common than you might first think.

Both made their money out of capitalist systems that exploit the poor, and ethnic sections of society, in King’s case with the help of an apartheid regime. Although that wasn’t enough for him, he decided to try and cheat the South African taxman, but was caught.

His ‘favourable settlement’ included paying £41M to stay out of jail.

Like Trump, he hasn’t an ounce of diplomacy or decency in his body, and just talks any old pish to get himself in the media. His recent rant about Celtic’s title winning was nothing more than a smokescreen.

Again. like his ‘orange’ friend over the pond, his business dealings are usually short of detail, but when scrutinised, fall short of the hype received by an obedient press. King’s supposed kicking of billionaire Mike Ashley’s ass was in fact just another scam to make him look good to the Gullibears.

When you look under the hood at the deal, Sevco were due to pay for unsold stock, something they would be unlikely to do, Ashley wanted out, got 27.5p per share, netting him a cool £2m, also got himself out of a place he didn’t want to be, while the loyal numpies were sold a lie, buying old stock, that will put very little for the Ibrox coffers.

To justify the tale, King even brought the Sevco SLO into the frame by getting him to tweet the club had missed the deadline to register a new strip with the SPFL, even though that ‘deadline’ is this week. The Billy Liars strike again!

But the comparisons with the POTUS doesn’t stop there.

King, like Donald, has a habit of forgetting his lies. He’s previously told his followers, while a kid in Glasgow’s Castlemilk, his policeman father didn’t approve of football, only to claim later he was very much part of a ‘Rangers’ family growing up. Make your mind up Dave!

While Trump is being investigated by the US authorities on a number of issues, and quite rightly so, King is allowed a free ride in Scotland to say and do as he wishes. His various comments on our club and the game in general are tantamount to bringing the game into disrepute, but no one on the 6th floor at Hampden has batted an eyelid.

And last but not least, both Dave King and Donald Trump appeal to the dregs of society. A section of the population that are predominately racist, bigoted and without doubt dumb.

Easily led, they hang on to the every word of their ‘leader’ as if they’re being taken on some wonderful journey of domination.

The outside, normal world, know nothing could be further from the truth. Donald and Dave, are both joke figures to the sane people in society, and will fall flat on their faces, humiliated and chastised. It’s only a matter of time…



SMSM Rolling Back The Years, A Touch of Deja Blue….

SMSM Rolling Back The Years, A Touch of Deja Blue….

Yesterday’s announcement, for want of a better word, from the Messiah Dave King, that the new club in Govan have secured a wonderful new deal to sell and distribute replica shirts with Sports Direct, was met with a media fawning not seen since the heydays of Minty’s empire!

It was like rolling back the years, without the ASDA price….

As always, the succulent lamb brigade took the career criminal totally at face value, and never dared once to ask for any detail about this proposed new super deal. Why would they, it was press release heaven for the laptop loyal.

If they had taken the time to look under the bonnet,for even a split second, and asked themselves, ‘why would a bona-fide Billionaire Mike Ashley, renegotiate an iron clad contract in favour of a glib and shameless liar’, then they might have been able to put some meat on the bones of the ‘new deal’.

Instead of creaming themselves over ‘net profits’, ‘bigger than Manchester United’, blah, blah, blah, they would probably have found that selling shirts, makes more sense than having to pay for unsold shirts, as the ‘previous’ deal stated.

Having to pay for unsold stock might have pushed the cash stricken club, who King admitted himself, were dependent on soft loans, (you know the ones, where it’s debt but it’s not debt, wink, wink) that bit closer to the admin door, therefore big Mick might not get ANY money for the stock.

As per usual, the Gullibears have bought King’s spiel hook, line and sinker.  Bad Mike is now good Mike.

Social media, and the phone-ins were packed with the deluded telling us the good old days were back. (I’m sure we’ve heard this before somewhere) With radio pundits joining in the celebrations, of course…

I’m just wondering if that would that be back to the days of having mega cash rich merchandise deals, with money flowing into Ibrox, yet you still decided to cheat the tax man and Scottish Football? Canny wait…

Is Hypocrite SFA Chief Regan Under Orders?

Is Hypocrite SFA Chief Regan Under Orders?

SFA Chief Executive, Stewart Regan is either being worked by someone, or he’s a complete idiot with no respect for the law in this country, or any other for that matter.

We haven’t heard a peep from him for weeks, maybe months, but when a Scottish court of law finds Craig Whyte NOT GUILTY of fraud in obtaining Rangers (IL), he comes out from under his rock to declare the defendant, and now innocent man, not fit and proper to run a football club.

Yet, the same Regan found in favour of Dave King, a former director of the now deceased club, and a man found GUILTY of 41 charges of fraud and deception by a South African court, where a judge described him as a ‘glib and shameless liar’, fit for proper to run the new club.

King, who only managed to stay out of jail by agreeing to pay £45M in back tax, is lauded around Hampden and has been seen in talks with the current SFA Chief Executive.

Regan, who has already dismissed claims former SFA President, and EBT recipient,  Campbell Ogilvie was conflicted when the tax case was being heard, is clearly being influenced by someone.

He’s also chosen to emerge from his bunker on the day another former director of the cheating dead club, Alistair Johnson, is moved onto the club board. Coincidence? Don’t you believe it.

The notion the SFA is a governing body for the whole of Scottish Football is pure fantasy. It’s being run FOR the benefit of one club, and controlled by the same club.

Something HAS to change. And now.