Brendan Rodgers is in his second season as Celtic manager. His first was so successful, it’s hard to put into words how we can possible equal never mind emulate it.

With a team that went through a full season unbeaten domestically, the first time the Bhoys falter will present the SMSM with an opportunity to ‘get stuck in’ into the manager and the club. Almost certainly with ‘Armageddon type’ failure headlines they reserve only for Celtic.

That has yet to come.

However, last week, the Green Brigade presented the SMSM with an open goal but putting an image of Brendan on a ‘controversial banner’ akin to those seen in the North of Ireland. One that would be familiar to anyone who resides or visits there.

As expected, the SMSM were all over it like a rash. And to be honest, Brendan was none too pleased himself with the connotations of putting his image on such a banner. It was a step too far.

Brendan Rodgers is a football man. He doesn’t have time to answer questions on banners, Pyro or anything else that deflects from the team on the park. That was a large part of last season’s success, our togetherness.

Tonight, Celtic play host to Norwegian outfit and old foes, Rosenberg in a Champions League qualifier at Celtic Park. The manager has number of injuries to contend with, not least in the striking department. But Brendan being the first class manger that he is, doesn’t show too much concern.

He accepts it’s his job to find a way through the Rosenberg defence with the players at his disposal.

And it’s our job to give him all the support we can to do the job.

He’s a football man, first and foremost, let him get on with the job…