The ink wasn’t even dry on Brendan Rodgers new four-year deal to keep him as Celtic manager until 2021, before the anti-Celtic bias media tried to undermine his commitment.

News that Brendan and his staff would be sticking around, was music to the ears of EVERYONE connected with the club, and it was a real boost for Scottish Football, for a number of reasons.

However, there are certain people in the media, especially down south who just can’t hide their hatred of our club.

Yesterday afternoon, Talksport Drive put out a poll on it’s Twitter feed, basically saying that by signing on for another four years at Celtic Park, Brendan was effectively retiring from football.

This very same station that touted Mark Warburton, then of Sevco, and magic hat, for the England managers job!

The main culprit behind this anti-Celtic propaganda is a guy called Adrian Durham, a Peterborough supporter. And big time bluenose, as most of the station seems to be, given the coverage ‘old big hands’ Charles Green was allowed, during his stint in the Big Hoose.

That was mainly on the Richard ‘I don’t know what happened to Rangers’ Keys and Andy Gray’s show, where their drooling over the Yorkshiremans slavering was palpable.

Now I don’t have a problem with media having a difference of opinion, that’s healthy, but this muppet and his crew sit down in London and pontificate about Scottish Football as if they know something about it.

Like most of the English media commentators, they know nothing.

Maybe they’re jealous of the fact that Celtic can attract 58-60,000 fans for a home game, when only three, if you’re lucky, teams in the ‘best league in the world‘ can do the same.

The same league that welcomed, with open arms, their former national manager after he was sacked in disgrace..

Throwing stones when you’ve a greenhouse isn’t the best tactic. You’d think they’d learn their lesson by now, but they can’t help themselves.

*At least that wee turncoat McCann watches our game…