From the minute Brendan Rodgers walked through the glass doors at Celtic Park last June, he knew he’d be faced with a sycophantic media hell bent on undermining not only him, but Celtic as a whole.

Brendan was well aware of the lies and myths the SMSM published and broadcast about his predecessor Ronny Deila, and wasn’t going to be as easily fooled.

You see, Ronny, a Norwegian with English as his second language, and a naive honesty about him, was always going to be fair game for the Laptop Loyal who despise everything about our club. Through time, they even managed to convince the few normally impartial hacks and an element of our support to turn on the manager.

And the rest is history as they say.

However, when the meticulously prepared Brendan was met with his first sign of SMSM devilment, he swatted away the problem like you would a fly with a newspaper, then left a mark on the offending ‘journalist’ that put him and his shit stirring colleagues in their place.

That was as early as August. Since then, the Bhoys under Rodgers command have gone on a domestic unbeaten run that’s breaking records left, right and centre. And the SMSM hate it.

So now they they’re coming back with more.

This last week or so they’ve really ramped up the anti-Brendan rhetoric, first accusing him of lying in his assessment of St Mirren being the best domestic team to face us at Celtic Park, and then accusing him of having a dig at Sevco. Which, like the rest of the nonsense the write is bullshit.

Brendan is his own man, a Celtic supporter who is never slow to let the world know what he is. He’s the best thing to happen to our game in a long time. His remit is to continue our domestic domination and begin the process of establishing Celtic as a fixture in European football again. And no one will stop him.

He really has them worried.