More Comedy Classics of The Blue Kind..

You’d think after the comedy capers of Rangers (IL) the Scottish mainstream sports media and the Gullibears would make an effort to put a stop to all the nonsense.

As another club playing out of Ibrox lies with it’s throat cut, nothing changes in world of the compliant hacks.

Instead of putting their hands up and accepting partial responsibility, they churn out Big Fat Derek Johnstone of Radio Clyde and Barry and Derek Chuckle on Radio Scotland, with not a brain between the three of them!

if you believed what they spouted you’d think it was Sevco instead of Celtic that were on an unbeaten run. Having said that, with the insight of BFDJ, it might not be far off. In his character assassination of Warbiola, he mentioned that ‘top managers’ change tactics two or three times in a game….like Graeme Murty did against Morton!

There ye go, problem solved, they’ve unearthed a ‘top manager’ from coaching the under 20’s right under their nose.

Derek, in all fairness to him does have a vast knowledge of absolutely NOTHING.

Turning to the Chuckle Brothers, Derek pontificated on Saturday that as far as he was concerned, Mark Warburton should have been concentrating 100% on the ‘Rangers’ job, and not looking for a way out. Of course he forgot that his brother Barry, as manager of Clyde, only speaks about the Ibrox club.

Not what you’d call concentrating 100% on the job, is it Derek? Having said that, Barry told us last night he couldn’t understand why anyone would want to leave the place. Obviously forgetting he did the same when he move to Blackburn Rovers in 2003.

Ah well, as long as they’re on message…