Although it’s a new club playing out of Ibrokes, the habits of the old club are hard to hide, especially when it comes to their relationship with the officials.

For years and years, it’s been common knowledge that the referring fraternity have a tendency to play by different rules when it comes to the home team. And nothings going to change.

Only in Scotland can former season ticket holders be allowed to officiate their club’s games, and I’m not talking development or youth games, I’m talking senior matches, Premiership and Scottish Cup.

Now it’s only human nature that given the opportunity they will sway decisions to favour the club they supported, I get that, but to blatantly display a total disregard for the game in general then something has to be done.

John Beaton gave the kind of display at Ibrokes yesterday that literally brings the game into disrepute. His failure to send off Sevco goalkeeper Wes Fotheringham after he handled outside the box was criminal, then to compound the agony for Hamilton the whistler gave the home side a penalty at was as soft as you’ll see. Almost in the Jamie Walker category!

As is that wasn’t bad enough, substitute and resident thug, Joey Garner committed the kind of tackle on Hamilton’s Dougie Imrie that wouldn’t be a out of place on WWE, only to be ‘rewarded’ with a yellow card! If you haven’t seen it yet be wary, it’s xxx stuff. Basically, it’s an assault.

However, Beatons joke of a display wasn’t exactly a surprise. Or unexpected. Two red cards missed and a soft penalty made for just another day at the office….

For those of us old enough to remember the previous incarnation out of Ibrokes, this was simply business as usual…