Summing up for the defence at the High Court today, former vice-chairman of Rangers (IL) and counsel for Craig Whyte, Donald Findlay, basically told the court that the survival of Rangers (IL) as a club depended on winning a Champions League qualifying tie against Swedish side Malmo.

So basically, when Craigie Bhoy took over at what was already a financial basket case of a club, he had to be assured that beating Malmo to progress to the lucrative group stages of the Champions League, was not only possible, but probable, given how much the survival of the club relied on the result.

He’s already inherited a manager that the court was told would cost millions NOT to appoint, the real Rangers Man Ally McCoist, who, like the rest of them who profess to love the club, love their bank account more, much more.

And let’s not forget the fact they were given a licence to compete in the competition in the first place is under scrutiny, certainly more so after the evidence of this trial. The SFA have to be made answerable as to how a club with a CONFIRMED tax liability was granted a licence to play at all?

As much as Craig Whyte’s ‘back of a fag packet’ business plan was a shambles, was he really to blame for the impending death of the club and cessation of 140 years history?

Or was it down to the ‘cheeky chappy’ who spent as much time trying to make enemies, and piss everyone off, in order to save his own skin?

Ultimately, they cheated to try and prosper, and cheats never win….or so we’re told.