Celtic took on the team that are third favourites to win the Champions League in the Allianz Arena, in Munich last night.

While Brendan Rodgers and the Bhoys have aspirations of playing in Europe after Christmas, the German side have their sights firmly on winning the trophy. The five time winners already stated their intentions by firing former AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti, and bringing back 72 year-old Jupp Heynckes. The last Bayern manager to win the cup with the big ears!

The notion that the Hoops would come away with anything other than a loss was wishful thinking, but a bit understandable after our great result in Belgium. With Broonie and Stuart Armstrong back, who knows?

Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. We lost bad goals, and to be honest, Bayern were all over us like a rash. They showed a different level of play we an only aspire to match.

The final scoreline of 3-0 turned out to be fairly respectable considering the chances the Germans had, with Craig Gordon bring of a number of great saves. Our makeshift defence did little to help the keeper as wave after wave of Bayern attacks pierced through the Hoops back line.

Like every game,there were a few pivitol moments. Yes, we rode out luck early on when we could have conceded a goal and a penalty, but Bayern got a break before the first goal too, when Mueller went over on Scott Brown. A tackle that warranted a yellow, but could have been a red.

And regardless of the time, Scott SInclairs goal should have stood. consolation or not, as he wasn’t offside.

I’m not making excuses, we didn’t play well enough to take anything out of the game, that’s a fact. And as much as the Faithful will be disappointed, no one in the stadium will be as disappointed as Rob McLean!

For ninety minutes, he urged the Germans to score with every attack. When the third goal went in on 51 minutes he was almost ranting for Bayern to keep on scoring. I’m sure he had a betting slip with 5-0/6-0/7-0 on it! His tone when the home side missed a chance was that of dejection.

I was going to say I was worried for his well being, but I’d be lying.

Rob wasn’t alone in his sadness with the result. Tom English, (remember him, the guy that sent emails to Paul Murray about trashing Craig Whyte), didn’t think Bayern were all that good. Funny that, we beat Anderlecht, they weren’t very good, but lose to Bayern and they’re not very good? Strange. But no entirely surprising.

And as if to go one better, BT pundit Stephen Craigan tweeted about the Bhoys losing 8-0 on aggregate to PSG and Bayern! Yip, aggregate against too different teams! You couldn’t make it up.

Still, we know what we’re up against, and the next time Craigan and his cronies want anything from the club I hope they remember who’s side he’s really on.

You expect some sort of gloating from the Zombies, until you remind then their team went out of Europe before the weans went back to school. But from paid ‘professionals’? I suppose our domestic dominance must make them all the more bitter…